There’s a new sample up on our site of one of our bride’s gorgeous flush mount wedding albums!  Miranda’s colors of navy and hot pink, along with her swirl motif made for a stunning custom album.

Click the photo below to check it out!


custom flush mount wedding album

It’s official. I am head over heels for our new flush mount albums. We just received one of our bride’s orders: flush mount wedding album, ebony black premium leather cover with picture window, silver embossing.  One word: GORGEOUS.

It was like Christmas morning when I opened the mailing box and the first waft of leather hit my nose. After drooling over the beautiful album box, I lifted the magnetic snap, and… sigh. These albums are truly amazing. I was so excited I called my mom, and then my husband’s office, and then my mom again. In fact, I hate to admit this, but I’m pretty sure I’d like to trade in the album I received from my photographer for one of these babies.  Perfection. I think we’re going to have some very happy brides!

Still looking for the perfect gift for the special newlyweds in your life? They’re so cute and smoochy all the time, what can I possibly give them that will pry their lips off each other, and hold their attention for 2 seconds all together?

How about the in-laws? Yikes… impossible to shop for + an intense desire to earn brownie points = stressful shopping.

And what about the all important hubbie, wife or fiance? Must show my love…must show my love…

May we humbly suggest a custom Something New Album? You give them a Something New Custom Wedding Book Gift Certificate, and they get to use it on ANY custom honeymoon album, flush mount wedding album, parent wedding album, anniversary album, baby album, guest book…you get the idea. All are fair game, all are lovey dovey, and all are a personalized way to say, “I love you”.

As an added bonus, order a gift certificate before Christmas and receive 5% off. A little more bang for your Christmas buck.

If you’re interested in giving the gift of memories, please contact us! And happy shopping!

Are you looking for a custom designed, quality flush mount wedding album, but not excited about paying the thousands of dollars asked by your photographer? Did you get married in the past few years, but still have your wedding photos sitting on a disc somewhere? Do you drool every time you see your friend’s stunning, oh-so-thick-paged album sitting on her coffee table?  If you’re saying, “*Gasp*! How did she know?” and staring dreamily at the computer right now, then you’re going to love this announcement…

Something New Custom Wedding Books is so excited to announce that we are now offering custom designed and professionally printed flush mount wedding albums in addition to our photo books!

custom designed flush mount wedding albums

Our money saving (and simply gorgeous quite frankly) flush mount albums are available as wedding photo albums, honeymoon photo albums and bridal albums. You get our signature, one-on-one, custom design service (everything is about you, your colors and your story), and then we send your book off to our album fairies (aka professional printers). They work their magic, flush mounting your devastatingly stunning photo designs on thick, cardboard-esque pages, which lay flat with a barely visible center seam. And whala! You and your beautiful new album ride off into the sunset (just don’t forget your groom!).

Multiple size and cover options are available.

We are so excited to offer these quality albums to you, and know you’ll adore them. Check out our flushmount albums options by clicking here, or contact us for more info!

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Have you ever walked away from a wedding thinking, “Wow! That reception was amazing!”  When you look back, what was it that made such a great impression?  Amazing flowers? An impressive venue? Delicious food? Maybe. But more likely, the thing that made the event such a stand-out was the beaming couple, thoroughly enjoying a day, atmosphere and environment that was so… them.

Gorgeous flowers, tasty hor d’oeuvres and colorful decor can only do so much. We’ve all been to weddings where every detail was beautiful, but we still walked away less than wowed. What makes a great wedding event is a couple taking the time to make it THEIRS. The latest trends, most fashionable ensembles and best hair stylist mean next to nothing if the couple isn’t comfortable at their own event.

Call me a romantic, but my favorite weddings are the ones that give guests a glimpse into the story and personality of the couple. Events where the couple feels so at home that they can fully celebrate the start of their new journey, and everyone watching can’t help but smile as a result.  Events where thought, time and effort has gone into making it a personalized celebration, that screams “We’re in love, and here’s why!”

So, how do you wow your guests, and, more importantly, create a personalized wedding reception that you’ll always remember?  Only YOU can truly answer that question, but here’s some tips to help get you started:

  • Take the time and effort required to be actively involved in the planning

I shudder whenever I hear a bride say something like, “My mom is doing the planning because I don’t really care” or “I’m so glad I hired a wedding planner. I’m too busy for the details.” Moms, wedding planners and your amazing Aunt Martha all play a very important support role in planning your big day, make no mistake. But they should be just that: a support. In the midst of crazy everyday life, made even crazier by the fact that you’re now madly in love, it might be tempting to think you don’t care about the details. In fact, you genuinely might not care… right now. But someday, in the not too distant future, you will. Minimize your future regrets! Being involved in making your wedding day as much you and your honey as possible is something you’ll never regret taking the time to do.

  • Choose details that tell part of your unique story

It’s easier than you might think to incorporate meaningful details into your big day. Is there a favorite flower he always gives you? Use it! A photograph of the two when you first met? Display it!  A drink you had on your first date? Serve it! A song that sounds just like your relationship? Give it as a favor! A special proposal story and photos? Put them in your custom guest book! The possibilities are endless.

  • Consider a theme

A theme isn’t essential, but it is a fun and easy way to glue all the elements of your big day together, and ensure they stay focused on the happy couple. I’ve seen everything from romantic (“Today Was a Fairytale” theme from a couple of Taylor Swift fans), to playful (Yankees theme from a couple who loves going to Yankees games together). The right theme can help with planning colors, venues, stationary and every detail in between, and can definitely set a personalized mood for the couple and guests.

  •  Make sure you can be yourself around your key vendors

If the vendor is going to be interacting with you on your big day (ie your PHOTOGRAPHER, caterer, ceremony official), make sure you can be yourself around them and that they evoke the feelings you want to feel on your wedding day.

  •  Think about your favorite environments and activities, and incorporate them

Do you get giddy in the fall? Consider a harvest themed reception with soups and breads. Do you love your weekly date to the little drug store on the corner for root beer floats? Serve them as dessert, with a little explanation on the menu. Did you meet at a salsa club? Do a salsa for your first dance.

  • Put your own twist on traditions

I went to a wedding once where the bride made an announcement that went something like this: “Some of my favorite memories of growing up are of when my dad would put on his loud music, and we’d all line up and dance like crazy around the kitchen table. So tonight, we’re going to do our kind of dancing for the father daughter dance!” She then called up her surprised dad and sisters, an old song started blasting, and they all danced like fools around the reception center coffee table. The crowd loved it, and she says it’s one of the most memorable moments from her wedding day.  Don’t be shy about tweaking traditions to make them yours.

  •  Think about the two of you as a couple, and infuse the day with things that scream YOU!!

Don’t feel self-conscious or worried about putting your own, unique stamp on your wedding. Guests LOVE getting glimpses into your relationship and seeing you happy and at-home. Personalization is what will make the day memorable for them, and for you and your new hubbie.


Perfect wedding gift or bridal shower gift. Something New Custom Wedding Books Gift CertificateLooking for the perfect wedding gift? A unique engagement party gift? A personal bridal shower gift that says, “Toasters are so yesterday?”

We’re excited to announce Something New Wedding Album Gift Certificates for your gift-giving pleasure!

You choose the amount, and your special couple can use it however their hearts desire: wedding guest albums, wedding day albums, bridal albums, honeymoon albums… all custom designed and all up for grabs!

Awesome, right? Even better: for a limited time you get a special introductory discount on all gift certificate orders!

Spend <$100, get 5% off
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So show that special couple some love!

We can’t wait to help you give the perfect gift! Please contact us with questions, or to place an order.

May 13th my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! Love him more now than ever. Ahhhhhhh….precious. :) In celebration,  I thought a wedding book sale was in order.

We don’t put our wedding books on sale much, so please take advantage!

Being in the wedding guest book business, I tend to notice wedding sign-in book faux pas at events I attend. Usually, they are nothing major. But even the little things (like where a guest book is placed) can result in little glitches (like a slow moving line). So, I’ve compiled some wedding guest books tips. If even one of them makes your reception or wedding day run a little smoother, my mission is accomplished!

  • Make sure your wedding guest book is located somewhere where everyone who enters will see it and sign it. This seems obvious, but unfortunately, I’ve been to weddings where half the guests never saw the wedding sign-in book because it was placed in an “out of the way” location. The resulting lack of signatures was…well, depressing. I’ve found that having the guest book in plain site might not be enough either. It might be a good idea to catch your guests as soon as they enter. If the guest book is located somewhere away from the entrance, many guests might see it, and intend to sign it eventually, but end up forgetting. Another option is to have a member of the wedding party circulate the wedding guest sign in book around the tables during dinner or entertainment.
  • Remember, it will take people time to sign the guest book, so if it can be positioned so guests can sign-in while they wait in your line…all the better! If you don’t have a line, make sure you place the guest book in a location that’s easily visible from the entrance, but doesn’t block the flow of traffic. (Traffic jams at weddings are so last season. :) )
  • Choose the right kind of pen or marker for your wedding sign-in book. Make sure it will last. Choose a tip that will be legible. Choose a color that compliments your book, and is easy to see. Consider the type of paper your wedding guest book has (glossy, etc), and choose a pen that won’t smear or leak through the pages. How the pen writes is more important than how it looks! (What good is a cute feathery pen if it ends up making all your guests’ signatures look like smeary blobs?) At Something New Custom Wedding Books, we often suggest our brides have a friend or family member sign their guest book in advance for a pen test run.
  • Think about your reason for having a wedding guest book. Is it to add a unique detail to your reception? Is it to preserve the names of guests in attendance? Is it to ask for advice or messages from guests? A combination? Make sure the guest sign-in option you choose fulfills your reason for having a guest book. Make sure it’s quality and will last if that’s important to you. Make sure it’s something you’ll want to display around your future house if storing it in a closet isn’t what you have in mind. Make sure it’s well-thought out and…YOU!
  • Make sure your wedding sign-in book has enough pages for everyone to have room to sign. Wedding experts typically say to plan on 50% of the guests you invite showing up, so make sure the book has enough room for that many people to sign. (A 20 page Something New Wedding Guest Book usually covers 400 invites.)
  • Remember, your wedding guest book can play a key role in setting the tone for your guests. It will be their introduction to your wedding’s colors, theme and personality. Let it tell your unique story!

We could not be more excited that our new website is FINALLY up and running, with only a few minor things left to tweak!  (Seriously, those of you out there who have undergone a website extreme makeover know… it is a crazy, wild process. And not nearly as fun as going crazy with lipstick and highlights. But the end result=so worth it!)

We’re so glad you’ve stopped by to visit, and would love your feedback on our new wedding guest book and wedding album samples, info and details.

In the not-too-distant future (keep your fingers crossed…and toes if you don’t mind), this blog will contain all kinds of helpful wedding info, resources, articles and fun. So come back and join in soon!

Thanks for stopping by! And as always, we can’t WAIT to hear your fairytale and help you share it!